October is Mensa Membership Month - Join us

As you may know, each year American Mensa seeks new members assertively in the month of October. We're doing it again this year. We do this in several ways:

But first consider your Prior Evidence (PE)

You may already qualify for membership with PE scores! Have you ever taken SAT, GRE, military GCT, grade school Stanford-Binet, Miller Analogies, Cattell, WAIS before or in school? Do any of these terms sound familiar? You only have to test once for Mensa membership. If prior results qualify, you can save the money, skip the test & go directly to membership application. You will find a list of qualifying tests and scores at the national site, in addition to instructions on submitting your score(s) for consideration & the online application form.

Otherwise for those taking the supervised admissions test

October’s multiple testing offers options for complex lives. It is on Saturdays and usually at a public library for security, lighting, parking, environment, comfort amenities, access and more. This is information we send to prospects and if you know people who should be aware of this do pass it along; you know who they are.

Important Testing Specifics

That’s a lot of information at one time. Questions/concerns arise and we expect them. Feel free to contact us; our proctor/contact information is shown in the Mensa Testing event description on the events page. And you can always contact Mensa’s national office in Arlington, Texas for any reason at phone 817-607-0060.

Testing Logistics

The events page shows multiple Saturday tests; all are open to you. Select your date/location and contact the proctor. Doors open at 10AM.

Test Preparation: College health officials recommend people dress comfortably & causally for a test, get a good night sleep the night before, have a light breakfast and arrive early to settle-in and relax. We couldn’t have said it better. Standard testing takes two hours. Mensa’s Culture Fair (CF) is closer to 3 hours and assesses non symbolic aspects of intelligence: non-verbal, spatial, and abstract reasoning.