To honor those who have worked so long and so tirelessly for Cincinnati Area Mensa, in 2015 ExComm approved the creation of the JAZZ Award. The inaugural class consists of Bob Charlton, Tom Vonderahe and Verona Bennetto. JAZZ is a lifetime achievement award marking a Journey through Cincinnati Area Mensa. By taking Action in many ways with Zeal and Zest, one’s enthusiastic diligence and hearty enjoyment of the work performed is to be lauded.

Tom Vonderahe’s award was taken to him at his home by a small group of CAM members. It was really nice to visit with Tom who doesn’t drive anymore. Verona’s, sadly, was given posthumously to her daughter Loisa at Verona’s Celebration of Life. Uncle Bob Charlton’s was given at the 2015 Cincy RG on Saturday night during dinner. For once, Bob was speechless. But not for long. Bob quipped that he intended to live a long time because there were many people he had yet to annoy :-)

We know that there are many other deserving members, past and present. The JAZZ committee, chaired by Tom Vonderahe, is accepting nominations for honorees. Please think about who in CAM, over time, deserves to be lauded for their Journey through Action with Zeal and Zest. You can reach Tom at, or committee member Virginia Plottel at So please be thinking about who, over time in CAM, deserves to be lauded for their Journey through Action with Zeal and Zest.


2015 awardees:

Bob Charlton

Verona Bennetto

Tom Vonderahe

2016 awardees:

Esther Charlton

Richard Hildebrand

Virginia Plottel

Mary Lee Kemper

2017 awardees:

Patric Leedom

Melinda Wakefield

Dave Eschmeyer

2018 awardees:


2019 awardees:

Rick Magnus

Gary Vermillion

Verale Phillips

Jerry Hehn  (posthumous)

Marianne Graci  (posthumous)

2020 awardees: